Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kyle ~ CTE 2015

I photographed Kyle on a gorgeous end-of-summer day.  Autumn was definitely in the air!  Kyle attends The Center for Technology, Essex and is planning a career in plumbing.  He's a thoughtful, quiet, fun loving guy with a real love for animals.  I first photographed him at age one year, although, of course that is impossible ;-)   Have a great senior year, Kyle.

Here's another great image of the whole family.

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Life in The Air

I chatted with Dean about making a meaningful portrait for his retirement after over 30 years with
U.S. Airways.

He brought a model of the plane he flew and I decided to incorporate a map of the Northern Hemisphere where he primarily worked.

"Work" seems an odd description of his days in the shining clouds.  How does one concentrate?

Dean's enthusiasm and interest in the world are very obvious aspects of his personality.  We talked so much in our session, I am surprised it only took an hour!

May the road rise to meet you, Dean, as you head out on your way to a new adventure.