Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hanging by A Note

My love of Celtic music lead me to the Burlington Irish Heritage Festival where I met a remarkable young woman. Hannah Beth is a gifted young fiddler whose first solo album is called "Hanging By A Note".
Her love of music began when at age three, her family moved to Glasgow, Scotland. After returning to the U.S., Hannah Beth learned to play the violin, beginning classical lessons at age seven. When she was nine she went to a Natalie McMaster concert and her love of the fiddle was born.
Hannah Beth is a member of two Celtic groups, Fiddleheads and Switchel and has performed at the Flynn Space as part of the Young Traditions Showcase. She is a natural performer, poised and joyful on stage, and has a delightful personality.
In her words, "Colors? Yes, that's another part of my music. I have music-color synesthsia (also known as Chromesthesia), when the senses cross. In my case I see colors when I play music. My music has many colors that change day to day.
"My world is my music and I can't picture my life without it".
My son Anthony has played the Uilleann bagpipes (Irish) since he was thirteen, so I felt we had a connection. I really enjoyed getting to know Hannah and her parents and I know she is going places!
The music on the slide show below is from Hannah Beth's second album "Eternal Friendship". Enjoy!

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