Thursday, March 4, 2010


Winning one for the artists of the world! I met Paul Arthaud when he needed some new head shots for his acting resumé. He lives in Charlotte, VT and the acting jobs are mostly elsewhere!

Paul is a fun-loving guy and wanted to show his handsome, rugged side, too. He wanted a clean, dynamic look and we had a great time in the session. I made up some 8x10s to send with his resumé as well as digital images to post on iActor and other industry sites.

Well, soon afterward Paul got a call from a Boston talent agency and got his first SAG (Screen Actors Guild) job, for the 99 restaurant chain!

Since then he got a part in an HBO gangster movie being shot in New York (Paul says they wanted a guy with scars)...and he's produced a film which has just been accepted into the Nashville Film Festival. Way to go!

Paul credits his new photos with helping make the breakthrough. That makes me feel great, even though most of the credit goes to Paul's hard work. But the photos DO help - they show his cool, craggy face and soulful expression.

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